About Me

My name is Lola, I was born and raised in Brazil, lived in Florida for a couple of years, and have now settled in beautiful West London. Here I have worked as a Freelance Designer for over 3 years and recently joined University to study Interior Design & Environment Architecture.

But why did I choose to work with Graphic Design?

My parents are designers and I used to hate it when I was younger. They always interfered on my school projects telling me how to layout images on my posters, “Don’t use yellow on white!”, and etc… Eventually I realised that it was the reason for all of my good grades… Jokes apart, design influences people and is an integral part of making the right changes to pretty much anything, and in my case, with every logo, every poster, and colour palette, I help bring more sales to the brands that I work with along with helping everyone they serve to have a better experience. In simpler terms, a better-looking world makes everyone happier. So happiness is pretty much what I work for. Thanks for sticking around, and welcome to my portfolio!